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DragText is well-known for its stability and reliable operation. When a problem does occur, one of DT's many compatability options will probably fix it. If you need assistance, the first place to check is DragText's extensive documentation.

DTReadMe.Txt and DTSetup.Txt will help you get it installed and running. The Online help describes every feature in detail.

If you have any questions or problems you can't resolve, please write to:
Rich Walsh (dragtext@e-vertise.com)

Here's a list of Known Bugs and Limitations in DragText v3.9. Some of the problems described below involve "adverse interactions" with other programs that can only be fixed by those programs' authors or by IBM.

On slower or heavily loaded systems, windows may not be repainted completely after being raised or lowered. To force an update, use the Redisplay hotkey (letter 'D' by default). When the drag concludes, the screen will be updated automatically.

There are limitations on the Environment feature, depending on how a program object is used. This only affects OS/2 programs, not DOS and WinOS/2.
  • if you open the object directly, this feature will work as expected: the WPS will construct an environment for the program by merging your entries with the global environment.
  • if you drop a file on this object, or open a file associated with this object, the WPS will only use your entries and will not construct a complete environment.
You can work around this by using substitution variables (e.g. %PATH%) to copy required values from the global environment.

Warp Center / X-Center
Dragging from a shadow of DTClip placed on these toolbarsproduces no results because they overrides DTClip's attempt to handle the drag. Use a copy of DTClip placed on the Desktop or another toolbar. Or, open a DTClip viewer window and drag from there.
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