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Feature Summary

The following tables provide a complete listing of every DragText feature that involves the use of MB2 (the drag button, usually the right-hand one). DragText's WPS classes provide additional features that are not included here.


This table identifies:
  • What you can drag (Dragged Item)
  • Where it comes from (Drag Source)
  • How to drag it (Required Action)
Dragged Item Drag Source Required Action
Selected text * most windows highlight text, then drag
or press Alt-MB2 to pickup
All text * MLE, Listbox,
& VIO windows
press Ctrl, then drag or
press Ctrl-Alt-MB2 to pickup
& Static text
drag without highlighting
or press Alt-MB2 to pickup;
Clipboard text DTClip icon drag from icon
or press Alt-MB2 to pickup;
File or Object
named in text
most windows highlight name, then
Ctrl-Shift drag
Object that opened
this window
Sysmenu drag from sysmenu
Object being used
to view a file
Sysmenu Ctrl-drag from sysmenu

* Basic (free) feature, except in VIO windows; all other features require registration.

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This table identifies:
  • Where you can drop (Drop Target)
  • What you can drop (Dragged Item)
  • Which key is required (Key to Press)
  • What will happen (Drop Result)
Drop Target Dragged Item Drop Result Key to
Text Window Dragged text insert text *
DTFile insert contents
Url object insert contents
File / Object insert path *
insert name only * Shift
File insert directory entry + Ctrl
insert contents + Alt
Folder insert formatted listing + Alt
Unknown item insert app-specific text * Alt
Folder Dragged text create file
Url text create Url object
System Menu
File / Object locate object
open object Alt
popup object's WPS menu Ctrl
Titlebar same as
Text Window
copy to DTClip viewer
DTClip Icon same as
Text Window
copy to clipboard
append to clipboard (Insert) %
DTFile Icon same as
Text Window
append to file
Dragged text open using text
as startup parameter

Multiple files open using filenames
as startup parameter

Note: To drop an object you have picked up, press Ctrl or Shift (to copy or move), then click MB2.
To cancel a pickup, Alt-click MB2 on the Desktop or a DragText-enabled window.

* Basic (free) feature; all other features require registration.
+ supported only in these windows/objects: MLE, VIO, Titlebar, DTClip, DTFile
% press and release Insert while over a DTClip icon to toggle between append and replace modes

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This table identifies:
  • What else DT does (Feature)
  • Where to use it (Window)
  • How to use it (Usage)
  • What it does (Result)
Feature Window Usage Result
Window Link
click MB2 show menu of object that
opened this window
Ctrl-click MB2 menu of program object
used to open this window
Text Link
Ctrl-Shift-click MB2 show menu for selected
filename or object ID
Marking +
drag while pressing MB1 mark text
press MB2 while marking copy to clipboard
press MB1+MB2 paste from clipboard
Drag *
actions using MB2 window won't be activated
or brought to the top

* Basic (free) feature; all other features require registration.
+ Options permit selection of MB1 or MB3 for marking, and whether selected keys must be pressed to activate this feature.

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This table identifies:
  • What it's called (Feature)
  • What to press (Mouse / Keyboard)
  • What it does (Description)
Feature Mouse /
Raise Up arrow moves the window under the pointer
to the top
Lower Down arrow moves the window under the pointer
to the bottom
Rotate Space bar
Button 3
cycles through all windows under the
pointer; the top window is sent to the
bottom and the next window is surfaced
Auto 'A' key turns auto-raise on and off during d&d
without changing the default setting
Scroll Page up
Page down
scrolls the window under the pointer
by one page
Minimize Win key minimizes or hides the window under
the pointer
Restore Win key restores a window minimized to the Desktop
Redisplay 'D' key redisplays the window under the pointer
Open folder + Enter
Button 1
opens the folder icon under the pointer
object +
Button 1
brings an open object's default view to the
top (including objects in the MinWin viewer)
parent +
Button 1
over a window's SysMenu button,
opens the window's parent folder
branch +
Button 1
over a collapsed branch in Tree view,
expands that branch

+ Extended feature, requires registration.

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(C) Copyright 1994-2003, 2007 R L Walsh All Rights Reserved